Appeals Procedure

The assessment and verification process at Hornbill Industrial Training is subject to clearly defined practices and processes; however, it is still possible that a candidate may raise a concern.

Candidates have the right of appeal if:

  • They are not satisfied with the assessor's judgment of their competence during the assessment process.
  • If they feel that the opportunity for assessment is being denied.

The appeal procedure is as follows:

  • In the first instance you should make contact with the assessor or internal verifier on 01792 818111 and explain your concerns. He / she will try to clarify any issues. These discussions will be documented on the Appeals Form.
  • The Appeals Form is to be completed by the assessor or internal verifier. The candidate should check that the written submission accurately reflects the nature of the appeal. The Form also provides details of the action taken and by whom. If the candidate agrees with the decision then the appeal is concluded and marked as such on the form.
  • If, however, you are still not satisfied then you can take the matter up with the Secretary of the Awarding Body explaining fully your concerns.
  • If the Secretary feels your concerns are justified the matter will be referred to the Awarding Body for adjudication. The decision of the Board will be final.
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